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SANTA MONICA, CA – As we wind down from all the NAMM excitement, we want to thank our customers, artists, and partners for spending time with us in Anaheim, CA last week. Our entire Córdoba Music Group team were so proud to present the 2018 Córdoba, Guild, HumiCase and DeArmond product lines to our industry. We have been working tirelessly on exciting new models and have promising prototypes coming down the pipeline. It’s going to be a great year!

Day of Service

We kicked off the week by participating in NAMM’s annual “Day of Service” on January 19th. Music Education is a big focus for our team this year, so we were thrilled to provide 28 Córdoba guitars (varying sizes) for kids to learn a song together.

“The goal was for my guitar students to play “Stand By Me” with other classes of kids playing uke, some drumming and others singing. The students learned simple versions of C, G, D7 and Em and the Cordoba Guitars that were used for this program were exemplary for the class. Easy on rookie fingers, the perfect size, and a great sound made these guitars perfect for this class. At the end of class the students repeated after me… I….. am… a.. Rock Star!” – Glen McCarthy

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Racking Up the Awards

Nominated by Candyman Strings, Córdoba Music Group was awarded “Best in Show – Company to Watch” specifically for all the hard work that we are pumping into the Guild brand. To be chosen out of the 2,000+ companies exhibiting at the show, this was a great honor.

“Our pick is Córdoba [Music Group], they’ve made terrific classical guitars and ukuleles for years but I’m picking them for a reason much deeper than classical guitars. We’re picking them because of what they’ve done for the Guild line. I’ve been in the industry for a long time. Sammy [Ash] and I were talking this morning about the good old days of Guild. In the age of mergers and acquisitions, Guild got lost in the conversation for a long time which really broke my heart because I was such a fan. A few years ago, Córdoba took Guild over and really put a breath of magic back into the instruments. For me, I’m thrilled and proud of them. I love the guitars, I love that line, but they have that thing, that “magic”. It’s so cool. So that’s our company to watch.” – Rand Cook from Candyman Strings in Santa Fe

Córdoba Guitars was also awarded “Vendor of the Year” for the largest percentage growth with the distinguished AIMM buying group and we’re looking forward to keeping this up in 2018!

Congratulations, Tim!

Our CEO and Founder, Tim Miklaucic, was one of eight new members elected to sit on the NAMM Board of Directors for the next three years to provide oversight and direction to the organization.

Amazing Performances

We are so fortunate to work with talented musicians like Ben Woods, Shane Alexander, Lari Basilio, Michael Hermes, RJ Ronquillo, Tavi Jinariu, Vahagani, Kai Narezo (to name a few!) who can really show off what our instruments can do. From tender classical performances (where you could hear a pin drop) to the high-energy sounds of the 2-time Grammy-nominated Mariachi Divas, to the jaw-dropping licks of Lari Basilio, there was no shortage of inspiration and fun spilling out of our booth.

Mariachi Divas

Mark & Guil

Sad Girl

Shane Alexander

Lari Basilio

Ben Woods


Media Coverage

We were featured on HLN’s “MichaeLA” show (watch the segment here) and KTLA evening news!

More Videos highlighting our NAMM launches featuring the amazing Ryan Cooper!

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