Back from MIAC

We just returned from the annual MIAC trade show in Toronto. It was Cordoba’s first time exhibiting in Canada and we’re excited to participate again in the years to come. We brought with us some of the new models that we released in 2011 (including the Orchestra CE, the 12 Natural, GK Studio Negra and the Cuatro) and we’d like to thank everyone who stopped by for the amazing response and feedback that we received at the show.

Jay Morrissey, Director of Sales - Key Accounts, with a Cordoba Cuatro

Kurt Samson & Laif Luscombe

“MIAC was a great opportunity to take our guitars ‘on the road’ outside of the states, and see how they would fare.  I was actually quite overwhelmed by the warm and enthusiastic responses from all the Canadian Dealers AND our fellow exhibitors; I’m proud to confirm that Cordobas have an undeniable international appeal!” – Kurt Samson, Regional Sales Manager

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