Savarez & Aquila Strings

About Savarez

Founded in 1770, Savarez is one of the oldest and most respected string manufacturers for guitars and other instruments. Cordoba Music Group is the official US distributor for the full line of Savarez products.


About Aquila

Producing some of the world’s best gut and synthetic strings for ukuleles, guitars and a variety of other instruments, the Italian company is a welcome addition to the Cordoba Music Group brand lineup. All Córdoba ukulele models now use Aquila strings exclusively.

Combining elements of traditional string making with modern manufacturing techniques, Aquila leads the ukulele string market in technological advancement. Until the mid-20th century, ukuleles were strung exclusively in gut, a material that combines excellent promptness of attack with brilliance of timbre. A fundamental aim of Aquila’s research has been to make a new synthetic product having the same acoustic properties as gut, but without its typical defects (high cost, limited durability and high instability in varying climate). Nylgut®, Aquila’s patented synthetic string, has precisely these qualities: allowing for the rediscovery of the original sonorities of the ukulele, while guaranteeing a stability of tuning higher even than that of the best nylon strings.


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